15 Signs You Should Check In On Someone's #MentalHealth - A Thread:
1. They have socially withdrawn
2. They’re going through a difficult life event (e.g. unemployment, divorce)
3. They’re acting out of character (e.g. “snapping” easily)
4. They’re behaving recklessly
5. They talk bleakly about the future
6. They have mentioned sleep difficulties
7. They’re emotionally distant and brush things off with short responses
8. They breakdown over “little things”
9. They say “I’m tired” a lot
10. They're disengaged in conversation – especially if the subject is something they’d ordinarily be passionate about
11. They have big fluctuations in appetite (e.g. not eating at all)
12. They appear “on edge” (e.g. eyes darting around the room, they’re not sitting relaxed)
13. They require more downtime / are less outgoing
14. They struggle to make eye contact
15. They're constantly “busy” / express being overwhelmed by things (e.g. work, life events)

If you know someone who shows these signs, check in and make time for a deeper conversation.
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