Hi @KamalaHarris - Berkeley, Calif. resident here

We are in 3rd night of blackouts b/c of our over-reliance on unreliable renewables & the closure of nat gas & nuclear plants

Genuine question: why should the rest of the U.S. follow our lead? https://twitter.com/KamalaHarris/status/1295175011611938817
You say "we'll create millions of jobs"

But won't most of those good jobs in renewables be manufacturing solar panels in China?

Won't the US jobs mostly be the same low-skill and low-wage installation & weatherization jobs California created?
Also, California's climate agenda resulted in power prices rising 6x more than in rest of US

Don't economists on the Left and Right broadly agree that making energy more expensive is highly regressive — even more so than making food expensive? https://twitter.com/ShellenbergerMD/status/1294690780808753157
The US saw its CO2 emissions from electricity decline 27% (!) in the U.S. between 2007 and 2018, mostly thanks to the fracking revolution, which resulted in abundant & cheap natural gas, which is replacing coal

Why, then, do you want to ban fracking?
Only nations that use a lot of nuclear have significantly replaced fossil fuels

Why, then, didn't you follow-through on the glaring evidence of criminal activity leading to the closure of a Calif. nuclear plant, which spiked emissions & prices?

Correction: To manage our increasingly unreliable grid, California will need to do TWO of the following: a) keep our last nuclear plant operating, b) build more nat gas plants, c) pay ever-more money annually to reserve emergency electricity supply from its neighbors.
The President and CEO of California's electrical grid, Stephen Berberich, has just scathingly attacked California's Public Utilities Commissioners — who are appointed by @GavinNewsom — for totally failing to procure adequate electricity supply, resulting in the blackouts
"The situation could have been avoided. For many years we have pointed out that there was inadequate supply after electricity from solar has left the peak. We have indicated in filing after filing after filing that procurement needed to be fixed."

"We told PUC of the coming shortfall from 2020 to 2022. We even took notice *ex parte* with commissioners. Despite that, only 3300 MW was procured. The bet was that uncontracted imports would fill in the void."
"We have told regulators over and over that more should be contracted for. That was rebuffed. And here we are. There wasn’t enough. And — no — batteries won’t fix this."
"Batteries don’t generate any power. And during extended cloud cover over solar fields, we will be in load shedding. We have told the Commissioners again and that solar will need to be overbuilt to serve load and charge batteries at same time."
" We will be forced today to ask utilities to cut of power to millions today, and tomorrow, and beyond. Demand will greatly exceed supply.

"We loathe cutting off power and do so as a last resort. It risks lives and health."
"People wonder how we made it through the heat wave of 2006. The answer is that there was a lot more generating capacity in 2006 than in 2020."

"Demand tomorrow is expected to be higher," says Berberich. (!)
"The highest peak was July 24 2006 at 50,270 MW

In 2017, we had a peak of 50, 150 MW

In 2006 was a very similar weather event to what we are facing now. Very hot, very expanded throughout the entire west"
"In 2006, also for context, we have a lot more capacity on the system. We had San Onofre [nuclear plant] of 2,200 MW, and a number of other plants, totalling thousands of MW not there today."
"In 2017, we were able to meet the gap because of imports and that’s because California was hot but the rest of the West was not hot."
"We failed to predict and plan and that’s simply unacceptable," says @GavinNewsom "As governor I have taken responsibility to address this issue and moving forward to make sure that this never happens again." https://twitter.com/CAgovernor/status/1295434507789594625
Here we go again, eh @GavinNewsom ?

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