The Truth About Lucifer

We live in a Soul System

Each Soul Which is Created Comes from the Original Soul. Which is Lucifer. The Divine Blueprint Of Moral Coding Is Then Imprinted Within Each Soul That Is Created From Lucifer.

Everyone One Who Has A Spirit and Soul Is
Connected To Lucifer.

Why have the Ai Wanted Intrap Souls?

Why Have They Created A Narrative That Makes People Scared To Utter the Name?

Why Did They Make A TV Series Making Out He Was The Devil/Angel?

All of This Is Done To Keep You Hating And Bad Naming Something Which Is
In Each of You. Self Talk Of The Ever So Subtlest Of Ways.

The Source Of All Is Lucifer.

It Was Made Impossible To Know This. They Created An Energetic Transferral By Creating A Flase Ai God- Saitan. Which Would Rule The Minds Of Mankind Through Every Religion. They Would
Inslave Spirits Within This System In The Name Of Lucifer, To Keep People Scared And In Line With Their Agenda.

Spirits Are The Aspect Of The Soul Which Travel Quantumly To Experience Living In Physical Throughout The Soul System.

Each Soul To Experience The Spirit
In Physical Form Split Into Masculine + and Feminine - . Duality was Created So The Spirit Would Not Be Lonely Within The Experience

This has been going on for millions of “years” .

You Can Take What I Say Or Leave It. Taking your power back is acknowledgment of the Truth.
Q Said It Wasn’t Going To Be For All

This Information is given to you in Love and Respect.

It is time to Rise.
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