‼️A How Thread to Help Newkidd‼️

- a request from Newkidders
As you are hearing about the situation with Newkidd for the first time, you are hearing about them again, want to help in awareness, or a Newkidder yourself.

This is a step by step guide from Newkidders themselves to provide accurate information spread on the situation.
Reminder that each step of this action will help Newkidd and Newkidders in the progress to gain justice for all SEVEN members.

This is an action for injustice and mistreatment of all seven members, not just the missing three.
Newkidd is not Newkidd without ALL SEVEN!

If you believe in this statement full heartlying please use the hashtag #Newkiddare7

We have to remembered these boys have a beautiful connection together even though as fans we don’t like the situation J-FLO is providing.
These are ways one can help Newkidd. These are establishments movements from Newkidders themselves.

Sign the petition
▶️ https://www.change.org/p/jflo-entertainment-justice-for-newkidd?redirect=false

Send an email [email template]
▶️ https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/d/1c0A91BeKFpHC8dKCA5N4GCBHCFLL_VwVTDQ8Pb792uI/mobilebasic

Adding an Icon Twibbon in support
▶️ https://twibbon.com/support/justice-for-newkidd
*these are one of many ways you can help by signing the petition, emailing J-FLO, and twibbon can bring so much awareness to others by sharing.
🌟Awareness Spreading 101 🌟

Let’s have a talk about awareness spreading. There is a complete difference on spreading awareness and spreading rumors.

Rumors does not help the Newkidd situation and hurts the Newkidders along with hurting the Newkidd artists’ careers.
As Newkidders, we want our idols to have amazing careers as many other fandoms have with their idols.

However, we do not have an agreement with how J-FLO has been treating the members and about the situation. The last statement have been on May 25th, 2020. We need answers.

When making an awareness content, tiktok, youtube video, or any way to spread awareness. Always have evidence to back up your claims. If there is no evidence to back up what is being said, then it is most likely a rumor.

We don’t want rumor spreading.
Here is an example

By using evidence to back up using content to make awareness. Reasoning why we want this behavior is so viewers an read the article themselves and do their own research about the situation on their own time.
More examples

Credits to the content creators.

We want evidence to back up claims because if these claims are untrue or false information. It’s the journalists responsibility to have correct information. You can state “I got my information from these articles” as protection.
Here is what not to do

Spreading false information without evidence. That’s not awareness, that is spreading rumors.
Do you see articles backing up their claims? No, I don’t what about you.

Unfortunately, J-FLO is trying to not make this situation public and providing little to no information. We as Newkidders and allies need to be smart with evidence to back up claims.
Why do we need evidence to back up claims?

This is for your own protection. South Korea has some of the largest defamation laws in the world. Having evidence to back up claims will protect you legally but also it’s respectful to have research a topic before speaking on it.
Spreading false information and rumors are not only hurting Newkidders but Newkidd artists’.

How can we stop the spreading of false information and rumors?
Listen to Newkidders. Respect them as the correct the incorrect and false information. Reach out to Newkidders asking questions on situational facts you are informed about when you’re confused. Newkidders are extremely friendly and we would love to help you.
How do you listen to NewKidders?

Silence your own awareness voice. Allow Newkidders to share their experiences, stories, evidence, claims, etc.

Newkidders have been dealing with this situation for months and have the most knowledge about the situation. Please listen to them.
Ways to listen

Search for fans who have the twibbon as an icon and hashtags #/JusticeforNewkidd or #/Newkiddare7 in their bio or header. They are most likely a Newkidder themselves. Ask them about what you read is true or false claims.

This action helps Newkidders so much
Retweet and like their posts so more people can read their stories and experiences.

We appreciate each awareness spread greatly but by spreading false claims and rumors hurts the Newkidder fandom that is already hurting so much from the situation.
Now, the TikTok without article claims “Woochul is losing weight rapidly and frequent visits the hospital.” Where is that evidence? I don’t see photos, articles, or videos backing this statement.

That means that this statement and claim is a rumor and false information.
As an education graduate student who took secondary puberty course, Woochul is of age of puberty. Males can experience physical changes from as early as 9/10 and late as 25/26. Woochul’s physical change is natural and does not mean abuse. Young idols have enough pressure already.
Please do not believe the TikTok without articles, photos, videos backing up claims. They’re most likely rumors.

🌟Please spread these threads from Newkidders themselve with correct information🌟


They don’t care about all seven members and claims to “love Hansol” but spreading false information. As Newkidders corrected the false information they blocked everyone and insulted the fandom.

https://twitter.com/stelladae/status/1291805982943842305?s=21 https://twitter.com/Stelladae/status/1291805982943842305
‼️Do not interact User @/defineimaginary‼️

They went on Newkidd’s twitter being extremely disrespectful to our hard working four members then calling the fandom “fake fans”

Although we don’t know the status of three members, we must respect our hard working ones. https://twitter.com/charmedhobi/status/1296081141720645632
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