Among those allegations include accusations of torture and people going missing for expressing cultural differences that do not fit with the socialist whole.

(2) Now queue in Hunter Biden (Joe Biden's son).....👇🏻

“Human Rights Watch released a troubling report about a phone application made by the Chinese government.

The app provides law enforcement with easy, daily access to data detailing the religious activity, blood type, and
(3) even the amount of electricity used by ethnic minority Muslims living in the western province of Xinjiang.”

“The app relies heavily on facial recognition software supplied by Face++, a division of the Chinese startup Megvii, a relationship that sparked questions in the
(4) press for Megvii investors.

One of the most prominent of these investors is Alibaba Group Holding, which was co-founded by Jack Ma, the wealthiest Chinese billionaire and an icon for the country’s image of entrepreneurship.”
(5) “Hunter Biden’s investment company in China, known as Bohai Harvest RST, has pooled money, largely from state-owned venture capital, to buy or invest in a range of industries in the U.S. and China.

Bohai Harvest has put money into an automotive firm, mining companies,
(6) and technology ventures, such as Didi Chuxing Technology, one of the largest ride-hailing companies in the world after Uber. (Hunter Biden, Bohai Harvest, and Joe Biden’s presidential campaign did not respond to a request for comment.)”
(8) I think we'll be seeing a lot more of this story as we approach November, but I think it raises some alarming questions.

First of all, I wonder what a Biden presidency would have on the docket in regards to US policy related to China if his son flourishes in that country.
(9) It should be noted that these are allegations at the moment, but with the amount of people reporting this to different outlets, it appears that something is going on in the region and perhaps the extent, extremity, and numbers reported would be the contention in discussion...
(10) In case anyone doubts whether or not Biden's son is involved with this company:

Board Members
Zhou Bing
Bohai Harvest Rst Shanghai Equity Investment Fund Management Co Ltd
Vice Chairman
Lu Changqi
Bohai Harvest Rst Shanghai Equity
(11) Investment Fund Management Co Ltd
Co-Vice Chairman
Michael Lin
Bohai Harvest Rst Shanghai Equity Investment Fund Management Co Ltd
Board Members
Xue Ming
Bohai Harvest Rst Shanghai Equity Investment Fund Management Co Ltd
Fan Ren Da
(12) Asialink Capital Ltd
R Biden
Burnham Financial Group Inc
Jonathan Li
Bohai Harvest Rst Shanghai Equity Investment Fund Management Co Ltd
James Bulger
Thornton Group LLC
Zhu Chengang
Shenyang Bohai Investment
Liu Zhe
Shenyang Bohai
(14) Megvii has attracted a rank of big-name investors in and outside China to date.

Participants in its Series E include Bank of China Group Investment Limited, the central bank’s wholly owned subsidiary focused on investments, and ICBC Asset Management (Global), the offshore
(15) investment subsidiary of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.

Foreign backers in the round include a wholly owned subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, one of the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds, and Australian investment bank Macquarie Group.
(17) Which leads to:

Medicines for Malaria Venture United Arab Emirates Global Medical Forum Foundation (GMF)
Abu Dhabi Bio City
In 2006, the government of the United Arab Emirates along with Medicines for Malaria Venture and the Global Medical Forum Foundation committed to..
(18) …
Macquarie Group Limited
Investing in Clean Water and Cooking Technologies
In 2013, Macquarie committed to undertake due diligence through BioCarbon, a company owned in a joint-partnership with the International Finance...

Which leads to...👇🏻 https://www.clintonfoundation.org/clinton-global-initiative/commitments-all?keywords=Macquarie+&region=&year=
(19) It's amazing what you learn about the Biden family when you type in "Hunter Biden" and limit your search to Jan 2012 thru Jan 2016.

Example: Old "middle class Joe" is anything but. He pulled strings for Hunter Biden in a way that is now coming back to haunt him.
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