for people who just started watching iland, here’s a thread why you should vote for Niki #ILAND_EP7 #ILANDxBTS #ILAND_NIKI #NIKI #ILAND #니키
first of all, he is an amazing dancer, he started dancing when he was 5 and you can really see his passion when he dances. you can see his skills in this video especially since this was a ‘dance subunit performance’
even jhope said that ‘he’s a great dancer’ (+ look at niki’s cute reaction🥺)
look at him free styling
he’s constantly improving, his singing while dancing is getting more and more stable, here’s what he sang in the last test of part 1
Niki decided to step forward and take on the leader role after one of the producers urged them to have a leader, he took his time to help everyone learn the choreography perfectly
here’s him working hard, writing down things in order to prepare for the practice and then goes through the dance step by step with all the other trainees, perfecting every little detail
now on to his personality, he’s the cutest, just look at him reacting to Jungkook’s gift and jumping up happily!!
here’s more of him being a cute little angel (ft. him fanboying over bts)
he’s a huge fan of bts, his reactions to bts’s message was so pure
he was so happy and excited when he was announced to be in the top 12🥺
he’ll be performing DNA along with three other trainees (Hanbin, K and Jay) so please support and vote for him and wait for his amazing performance next friday!!
thank you for reading this thread, hope you’ll vote for Niki💖
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