#Covid cycles will recur till Govt, Busniess Orgs, NGOs & Public, understand & rigorously follow/enforce rules: (1) #Hygiene/hand wash, (2) #Mask/face covering, (3) #Distancing, (4) #Ventilation (virus filtr/UV radiation of recirculated air), (5) #TTQ (testing, tracing, quarantine https://twitter.com/ShekharGupta/status/1294594400144617473
2/gpe An application of this👆🏼 learning to https://twitter.com/wsj/status/1294816197347860481?s=21 https://twitter.com/WSJ/status/1294816197347860481
3/gpc Proof that ventilation of public toilets/bathrooms or UV-C sterilization of its AC recirculated air, is critical to reducing risk of spread ( also other spaces like kitchens) https://twitter.com/shekhargupta/status/1296070715343429633?s=21 https://twitter.com/ShekharGupta/status/1296070715343429633
4/gpc Indian #Serum tests reveal ~60% infection in slum & one room tenament areas of Mumbai & Pune. This means there is only 20% points more to go for herd immunity. But, people living in more prosperous areas, will have to b v careful for 6-9mos. Beware of bars. Protect old,sick
5/gpc Check out #Ventilation (at #4) in first tweet above https://twitter.com/WSJ/status/1300754050510729216
6/gpc And a graphical chart of level of covid risk under different conditions( #Masks, #Distancing, #Ventilation). I would add that #PublicToilets, even in airports, are highly risky! https://twitter.com/DemFromCT/status/1299145818507808768
7/gpc If the 5 precautions at top of thread r followed by all citizens (+ extra care of Sr citizens) then no lockdown is needed; Only rational application of these principle; by compulsion, if people don't listen. Besides hygiene, clean/fresh air in public bathrooms is critical https://twitter.com/ShekharGupta/status/1301824563832004608
8/gpc #Ventilation Air conditioned spaces need #UV_C filter https://twitter.com/WSJ/status/1302237571590873088
9/gpc Intensity of exposure to Corona virus matters. Which is why all household members get sick if they don't take precautions during home quarantine of one member. It's also why bars, party rooms & public bathrooms are most dangerous. https://twitter.com/TheNatlInterest/status/1304430761760747520
11/gpc The five fold path out of Covid19 #Masks, #Hygiene, #Distancing, #Ventilation/ #UVfilteration , #TTQ https://twitter.com/TheNatlInterest/status/1305480181042249729
12/gpc As #Air #conditioning generally dries out the recirculated air it's even more important to treat the air with #Ultra #Violet filters which kill Corona Virus in the #AC system. Rooms with individual ACs (or poor circulation)can use ceiling #UV-C lights which also kill virus https://twitter.com/TheNatlInterest/status/1306272902333988871
13/gpc Unless we learn and apply the lessons outlined 👆🏼in this🧵, the wily👇🏼SARS Coronavirus 2, is going to keep beating us 🙈🙉🙊💩 https://twitter.com/TheSeeker268/status/1304431841663807489
15/gpc #Masks (triple layer cotton mask is good for hot climate, in colder climate a synthetic middle layer may improve protection) https://twitter.com/bopinion/status/1309376121289551872
16/gpc #Ventilation #AC & #UV_filters #COVID https://twitter.com/bopinion/status/1310660987952001025
17/gpc #COVID19 #Precautions A nice visual representation of what we have emphasized in 🧵, https://twitter.com/EricTopol/status/1268583838923386880
18/gpc Such pubs ( in closed, unventilated rooms, packed with unmasked people, in close proximity) are the best way to spread COVID19 and the worst example of (bad) CoViD containment policy, as repeatedly shown across the world 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 https://twitter.com/rishibagree/status/1314230650891837447
19/gpc #GPC #HandWashing https://twitter.com/mihirssharma/status/1315517185738055680
20/gpc #SciMe We must constantly update our #COVID #safety #protocols, as Science learns more about the spread of the novel #SARS #CoronaVirus2: https://twitter.com/DrEricDing/status/1320209842859134977
21/gpc #OpenAir is safer, closed spaces need good #ventilation or good (N95 quality) air #filters + #Masks, when others are present. #Bars+ #Parties are most risky as one cannot wear mask while eating/drinking https://twitter.com/d_jaishankar/status/1321663334278717440
22/gpc #TTQ #Testing, #tracing & #quarantine is a chain, which is only as good as its weakest link. How to improve it? https://twitter.com/nberpubs/status/1332806477241667584
24/gpc Virus #quality #Air #filtration is critical to controlling spread of Corona Virus SARS 2, in #closed #spaces where people are eating, drinking, talking w/o masks; Good air circulation of fresh/outside air is needed even if people are working/sitting in same room with masks https://twitter.com/zeynep/status/1334641685154902021
25/gpc #SciMe #Research on #Masks https://twitter.com/DrEricDing/status/1335437276659245059
28/gpc 👇🏼Thanks to hand washing, masking, distancing, houses w open windows, lrg rural pop(ventilation), few malls/cinemas/clubs/hotels with air conditioning+poor air-filtration, natural immunity acquired from lousy sewerage, sanitation & TB, solar UV radiation & ltd lockdowns🧐
29/gpc #WuhanVirus in #Wuhan, #Hubei, #PRC 🧵("neti neti") https://twitter.com/s8mb/status/1344997661426946050
33/gpc The same measures, should help reduce other communicable diseases like #TB (with air transmission) https://twitter.com/chrislhayes/status/1367699305411338241
34/gpc #SciMe #TTQ #Contact #Tracing worked to reduce infection #
36/gpc Make it compulsory to install #virus #quality #air #filter and/or Ultra Violet ( #UV) lights in any public place where corona virus is detected. Let it become a permanent feature of our health regulations for #Contact #Services https://twitter.com/forbes_india/status/1374970613295554563
36/gpc If I can simplify the science of SARS Corona Virus 2 (so far): (a)The virus comes out of an infected persons lungs & seems to accumulate in air till it's dispersed. (b) The severity of the infection seems to depend on the concentration of virus one breathes in? ....37/gpc
37/gpc (3) Anything which reduces concentration of virus near your nose reduces probability of infection & vice versa. So closed spaces with unfiltered, recirculated air & many unmasked people are worst, open spaces with breeze, low concentration of people wearing masks r safest
38/gpc (d) On supply side #TTQ reduces the likelihood of a random person you meet, having Covid & spewing virus in the air one is breathing. (e)Vaccination does the same, plus it #reduces the #probability of getting infected even if the concentration of virus in air is high.
39/gpc (f) The transmission of virus through material surfaces seems to be lower than thought earlier, but the solution is simple. Wash hands with soap if a stranger has touched something you are using, and/or let it sit in open air for a day
40/gpc In Indian summer w/o ACs, Air coolers which take fresh air from outside, cool it & blow it through room(s) & out of the windows, can help in reducing concentration of Viruses in air. In presence of strangers, Masks would still be needed & distancing while eating/drinking!
41/gpc #Vaccination is critical to quick sustained recovery, and all eligible persons must get vaccinated urgently. It's good for you and it's good for everyone you socialize or work with or run into accidentally.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
42/gpc #Masks https://twitter.com/DNeurosx/status/1381942392010379266
43/gpc Effectiveness of different #vaccines, & range of uncertainty (chart) https://twitter.com/niubi/status/1383388610611671049
44/gpc This 🧵👇🏼is consistent with what I have said in my tweet 🧵☝🏼 since august 2020 https://twitter.com/cspramesh/status/1383748068659535873
45/gpc Incentivizing Covid Vaccine production, marketing & use of vaccines: From Mahalanobis type Planning to Mixed economy 👍🏼 ( https://pib.gov.in/PressReleasePage.aspx?PRID=1712710 )
47/gpc #COVID Helpful Hints for monitoring of those infected by #SARS #Corona #Virus 2 : 🧵 https://twitter.com/PSampathkumarMD/status/1385004989421133829
51/gpc Its all about the flow of virus (aerosol) from an affected person to another. If you are facing a little side ways the virus tends to flow away, if you are facing directly it tends to flw towards you. https://twitter.com/bt_india/status/1371817545951510531
52/gpc #Ventilation Remember the mothers saying to children 50 yrs ago (before pollution), " go out and play and get some fresh air." https://twitter.com/sarahzhang/status/1363956932768333831
53/gpc Besides air pollution, we also have to worry about pollen to aggravate respiratory problems https://twitter.com/livemint/status/1369163478976528384
54/gpc #Vaccination #Covaxin https://twitter.com/cnbctv18news/status/1387291357329297409
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