Ok time for a thread. Watching this election unfold has been interesting to say the least. What I'm seeing is a war between ideologies that is going to meet on November 3rd. The contrast in those ideologies make it the most consequential election ever....
What I see out on the left is a hodgepodge of humanistic thinking. It divides races, classes, genders, economic principles, foreign policies that really confuse and complicate reality. All in hopes that the voter will latch onto at least one of those complexities and vote Dem....
What I see on the right is common sense. Period.

The internet age has made complexity kind of a fad. And made common sense kind of old-fashioned and "has been". Maybe a boomer thing.

But let me argue that if the human species loses common sense, and we are well on our way....
We have lost our ability to survive.

So it really boils down to complexity vs simplicity.

Do you trust the human mind to unravel that complexity in the future? Or do you trust common sense, instinctual thinking to get us through in the end.

Vote accordingly. It matters.
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