Dear SSRians,

I had promised that I would give a good news on the Occasion of the Independence Day.

As there have been a lot of speculation about a Political Deal happening in order to save the real culprits in Sushant's Murder. It's time to end the speculations.
A few days back @rautsanjay61 went to Nagpur to meet Nitin Gadkari Ji to seek his intervention in the case to stop the Central Government to transfer the case to CBI but Nitin Gadkari Ji simply refused to interfere in the case and Sanjay Raut came back empty handed.
It was reported that @rautsanjay61 after that flew to Delhi to meet senior BJP Leaders in order to strike a Deal and save @AUThackeray from getting implicated in the Disha Salian's Case. But this news is absolutely false because Sanjay Raut never came to Delhi.
The truth is that Papa Penguin @OfficeofUT himself came to Delhi to meet Senior Leaders of BJP in order to save his Son from getting implicated in the Case and also to save his Government. But none of the senior BJP Leaders met him and he also came back empty handed.
On 13th August I had reported that a Private Jet had landed from Mumbai to Delhi.

Many people asked 'Who was in the Plane'?

Well A very senior Leader of NCP had come to Delhi to discuss future Political Scenario in Maharashtra.

And Yes a Political Deal was Finalised.
What was the Deal???

1. Fair and Independent CBI Investigation would be done without any interference from the government.

2. Shiv Sena led Maharashtra Govt would fall in few weeks as NCP would withdraw support.

3. A new BJP-NCP Coalition Govt. Would be formed in Maharashtra.
4. A Dark Horse would also come into the picture in Maharashtra Politics.

Within hours of this deal an all out Offensive campaign was organised within the Bollywood and suddenly every Bollywood Star started demanding #CBI4SSR as Change of Power was conveyed to them.
Dear SSRians,

A lot has happened in last 2 months and a lot more will happen in next few weeks. Just stay calm and focussed because the fight has just begun and it's going to be a long and hard fight.

Happy Independence Day.

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