World officially changed today.

Welcome to the era of brute force and militarization; after 40 years of welfare period.

America is not the boss anymore and it couldn't even bring 3 votes together on UN meeting against Iran.


It's a massive blow to global authority.
United States is keeping the world in balance and shaping it according to its interests and world vision since the end of cold war era in 1991.

And it does that mainly through two devices, the United Nations and North Atlantic Pact, which is NATO.

That's the center of gravity
Unfortunately, one of these devices became completely useless yesterday. It's not gonna be so surprising if other one suffers the same fate soon.

So, it basically means that there will be no center of gravity for the global authority soon, nada!
The United States completely lost his influence in United Nations Security Council yesterday and she can only manage to raise one vote in her favor...

The Dominican Republic, the fucking Dominican Republic!

Can you imagine how bad is that?
Russia and China said "No" as expected. But they didn't even have to use their veto rights.

Because 11 other members of the council abstained. Including major U.S. allies France, Germany and the United Kingdom...

Normally, it looks like this;
So, the global leadership of the United States officially challenged by China and Russia.

And none of the US allies couldn't stand with USA against this bravado. Not because of they are aligned with the rivals, but they don't have enough confidence on US anymore.

This challenge created a Mexican Standoff between China - Russia - USA but US allies aren't confident enough to pick any side yet.

Therefore, they gave a de facto green light for the sale of modern weapons and equipment to Iran.

Which is a massive problem for USA & ISRAEL.
From now on, USA will be forced to show and exercise its might & power to gain their confidence and respect, against Russia & China.

Because they are fearing from a sudden Russian aggression a lot, so they don't want to risk their position by standing with USA just like before.
They look super confused. I mean, 11 abstained members on UN Security Council against Iran Sanctions basically means a massive authority vacuum in the top of the world.

That's dangerous. Because they will not feel secure anymore and insecure states are just like wild animals.
Look closer...

This rule of engagement will spread to other actors as well, most likely. But they might not declare it like Russians.
USA might fix that. But it's not gonna be easy at all.

They will need to use their soft power, hard power and military power combined and they need strong results to gain confidence again.

In best case scenario, Snapback option might be used as well, but that's a slim chance.
I said it; "USA must show force to gain vote of confidence" again in UN against Russia in the region.

It's happening at the moment;
Belarus could be the "moment of truth" and a decisive factor for the unfolding conflict.

USA must put its weight to the table as quickly as possible, and this is an opening for the both parties.

An opportunity to show their might.
Update; Lukashenko clearly announced that he is not going to step back.

According to latest rumors, Russian troops entered to the Belarus from border and heading towards Minsk in these very hours.
Trump has played "Snapback" card instead of showing his might on Belarus. But USA still shifting some troops and equipment from Germany to Poland.

Putin rejected his involvement with Belarus, but all rumors states that they are trying a hybrid Intervention with unmarked troops.
🔴US pissed off mode initiated!

Secretary of State M. Pompeo just stated that Iran is an immediate nuclear threat that must be dealt with. (As expected)

From now on, US will do everything to stop modern arm sales to Iran. They won't just sit & watch.
🔴Pompeo made a strong speech today. During his speech, he is not just admitted that USA is in a Cold War 2.0, he also considered the situation as a bigger threat than that.

At the end, he declared;

"China's world dominance is not inevitable."
🔴 People still protesting against Lukashenko in Belarus and Belarus government trying to convince people to stay at their homes by using Syria's before - after images on TV's. Russian hybrid intervention is inch away according to many journalist.
🔴This might be the day, the moment of truth for Belarus. According to latest rumors, 250K protesters are marching to the Lukashenko's Presidential Palace.

Same sources also states that Lukashenko is evacuated by a helicopter.
🔴Belarusian President Lukashenko, either evecuated from or just arrived to the Presidential Palace with an ak47 in hand, recently.

This is historical.
🔴It's confirmed that Lukashenko arrived (not evacuated) to the presidential palace with a bulletproof west & ak47 rifle in hand.

Large military convoy headed to the Minsk as well. So, it seems like Lukashenko is ready to fight.
🔴Lukashenko watching the protests in Belarus from his headquarters with his son and press secretary. Both man keeping their guns ready for the night.

This is going to be a long night for them.
🔴US is looking for the right target in these days. Because as i stated before, they must show their might again to regain confidence.

Yesterday, they broke into Chinese military drill live exercise zone with a reconnaissance aircraft.
🔴After that bold move, China government threatened USA with war through Chinese media outlets and they stated that "US soldiers will die abroad".

Doesn't look friendly at all. Normally, China likes to play the kindness card. Not anymore though.
🔴RU also clashed with USA today during a routine patrol, in Syria. 4 US soldiers injured according to the rumors.

Two Russion attack helicopters & vehicles harrassed & sideswiped a light-armored US military vehicle.

It doesn't look good.
🔴Best video footage of RU - USA clash, things look quite tense.
🔴 Trump just announced that US Developed new kind of Nuclear Weapons, on mainstream TV.

He also added; "I just hope we never have to use that because that's a level of power you don't even want to talk about."

Welcome back to the Cuba Missile Crisis era, on steroids.
🔴Several nuclear capable B52 bombers are flying around whole Nato airspace since a week and they entered into Ukranian airspace today first time, approached Crimea.

Also 👇
🔴Russians intercepted several b52 missions this week, some of those interceptions was quite tense.
🔴A joint meeting of Russian led Collective Security Treaty Organizations (CIS, SCO and CSTO) defense chiefs planned for early September in Moscow. What they are preparing for? That's unknown.

Welcome to the stage, Belarussia.
Chinese forces arrived to Russia to take part in the huge multilateral military exercises in southern Russia, called Kavkaz-2020. Yeah, joint military drill!

Pakistan, Iran, Myanmar, Belarus and Armenia are also among the countries taking part in the exercises.
US couldn't show a true might in Belarus or manage to overthrown Lukashenko so far.

So they started to move some troops to Lithuania to take part in Atlantic Resolve drills at only few miles away from Belarus border. Numbers aren't impressive though. 
USA isn't active on ground level. But they are active in China Sea and patrolling with B52 Bombers over NATO countries, near Russian borders.

If you don't know, those bombers generally carrying nuclear warheads. This 👇 lady in UK, has no idea.
People in the UK who took videos of B52 bombers today looks happy and intrigued.

Most of them doesn't have any idea about what kind of nuclear powerhouse flying over their heads though. This B52 patrolling process is in progress since few weeks btw.
Almost all B52 missions in last weeks intercepted by Russian jets when they approached to the RU airspace by the way. Last interception happened today;
USA is trying to sell regular B52 patrols over NATO, EU and Ukraine as some kind of regular military integration exercise.

It's not though. It's a unusual watchdog campaign in best case.
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