You see when Fascism comes, it doesn’t look that bad, initially. It’s somewhat attractive. Fascism comes up or rises when there are extremly hard times. That’s true for most far ideologies along the Political spectrum. That is when the perfect opportunity strikes.
Fascism comes in the form of grandiose promises to alleviate the economic woes of society. Whether or not these plans are feasible. Fascist parties are obviously conservative but the true nature of their far rightedness is not the main focus in the early stages.
I’ve been studying and psychoanalyzing Fascism and fascists for a very long time. While there are different forms and brands of right wing, most of them operate similarly/closely. Fascism generally refers to a extreme right of the political spectrum.
Let’s use a popular case example of Fascism. This brand of Fascism is known as Nazism. Nazism became what it is under the National Socialist German Workers' Party, the Nazi Party. There is nothing socialist about this party. It’s a far right party. Socialism is far left.
So you see, a similar case is happening here with that new Party, That has the word ‘progressive’ in its name, although it is not. A parallel, indeed. The Nazi Party became what we know it as under Adolf Hitler. Hitler was known for his oratical talents and persuasiveness.
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