I've now read both the CDNA guidelines and the Australian Health Sector Emergency Response Plan - the two documents which Morrison has referred to as a comprehensive plan for managing COVID outbreaks in aged care.

Here's what I found.

#auspol #agedcarerc
On the CDNA "guidelines," which clearly and repeatedly state that they are guidelines only, and which place all of the onus on providers to handle outbreaks and give providers extraordinary leeway to interpret them however they'd prefer: https://twitter.com/the_shb/status/1293475702734352384?s=20
And on the Health Sector Emergency Response Plan, which only includes a handful of mentions of aged care.

In fact, it includes so few mentions of aged care that I've collected them all here so you can judge for yourself how "comprehensive" this plan is: https://twitter.com/the_shb/status/1294489407588720642?s=20
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