Just watched the first episode of Into the Unknown (the making of Frozen 2) and buds, if you need a pick me up, the sequence where the songwriters & the director hear an orchestra play that track w/ Idina Menzel's vocals for the first time is amazing.
update is I'm watching episode 2 and I am not convinced that Jonathan Groff has seen the first Frozen film
It is wild, by the way, that they released that first trailer and ... didn't have the story.
This is absolutely fascinating from a creative standpoint (and also so, so anxiety inducing). They are actively writing and rewriting and re-recording and editing and animating all at the same time. #intotheunknown
I can't stop watching this. Just got to the part post-first audience screening and these animators talking about months of work getting cut from the film 😭😭

(So much of this show is about how you internalize and work with the massive amt of feedback you get.) #IntoTheUnknown
(also they are writing new scenes 4 1/2 months out from the premiere for an animated film and my stress level is like THROUGH THE ROOF and I don't even go here #intotheunknown)
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