This is the USPS Board of Governors.

Robert Duncan:
[email protected]

John Barger:
[email protected]

Ron Bloom:
[email protected]

Roman Martinez:
[email protected]

Donald Moak:
[email protected]

Wiliam Zollers:
[email protected]
These six men have the power to fire Trump-appointee Louis DeJoy.

They have the power to rollback Trump's hobbling of the USPS.

They have the power to save a free and fair election.

I encourage you to contact them and explain why mail-in voting matters to you.

Please RT.
I’m 🔥 fired up 🔥 to vote in November.

I hope you’re ready to go, too.

Please do these three things this weekend:

1) Check your registration status at 

2) Make a plan to vote. Complete your ballot and mail it in ASAP. M

3) Call your Reps to save USPS!
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