Mina corners the boys randomly over the months and sits them down to do their makeup. There is no escape, there are no ways to back out. They will let her do this. ( None of them have any real objections save Shoji, and that's only because he doesn't want to mess up his mask )
She's fine with that, and they talk about it. He gets eyeliner and a wing sharp enough to kill six men.

For Tokoyami, they just cover his feathers in glitter and highlighter.

"This is goth as fuck." He decides.

"More glitter." Mina states before grabbing a new jar.
Mineta sits in the chair and Mina makes a face at him, but does his makeup anyway. It's dollar store stuff he gets to keep, but he looks at it after she's done and is genuinely surprised that he likes it.

"That took ages." He's astonished. "I look awesome."

"You're welcome."
Midoriya gets highlighter and his freckles darkened, and before Mina does his eyes he starts crying.

"What's wrong honey?"

"I look /good./ I never look good."

"Shut up, you're cute as fuck you freckly poptart."

She draws little stars on his cheeks.
Shouto doesn't want his scar touched, and Mina's fine with that. She lets him do his left eye makeup ( oh god he's so bad at it ) but he's so proud that he /did/ that. The liner is wobbly and he used blue mascara on accident, but he's happy so she goes with it.
Sato wants drag makeup and won't stop laughing when Mina starts gluing his eyebrows down.

"You asked for this!" She says through her laughter.

"I want to look like Ursula!" He says as he picks up a jar of contour and examines it.
Iida stops her and says "I want to look like an e-boy."


He takes his glasses off, tousles his hair and tilts his head down. "I want to prove a point. Make my eyeliner dangerous. Draw one of those pointy crosses on my face."

Mina puts a good job sticker on his cheek.
Koda gets rhinestones and glitte, and so much blush. Mina laughs when he asks to do her makeup and ends up using blush as her eye shadow.

It actually looks badass.
Ojiro gets neutral colors, but fluorescent blue lipstick.

"I'm not sure if this is my color."

"Then /make/ it your color." Mina says as she pats his back.

He wears it all day.
Aoyama, her best babe, they do each others makeup. She does a neat smokey eye on him and he paints her eyelids like sunsets.

They gossip more than they do the actual makeup and eat junk food the entire time.

It's a regular tuesday.
Sero asks her to put a beard on him and she laughs until she cries.

"A beard? You're prepubescent!"

"Rude. My voice has already cracked, thank you very much."

She makes the beard blond and he laughs so hard he cries bits of it off.
Denki gets eyeliner for days, his waterline crisp and perfect. Contour, snatched, glitter and highlighter, immaculate. He draws a lightning bolt on her cheek as a thank you and she keeps it on all night.

He lets her do his makeup for class quite often.
"You can do anything as long as you don't make me look like a clown." Bakugo grumbles.

Mina's /so/ tempted, but she knows he was a child model and is so used to having his makeup done that he falls asleep in her chair.

At the end of the day they do face masks and eat hot chips.
Kirishima has no idea what's going on, and stops Mina several times to ask her what something is. She always tells him.

"I want this!" He holds up gems and she laughs, but puts them on his cheeks. "Sweet, am I pretty?"

"You're always pretty." Mina says seriously.
"Don't try to cover up my eye bags, they're designer." Hitoshi says as he drops into her chair.

"/Please,/ you say that like I don't already /know./" She accentuates them and dusts them with highlighter, then colors his lips purple and draws a cat paw on his cheek.

"Fuck yeah."
I think that's all the boys, but YEAH! MINA DOING THEIR MAKEUP! Because they deserve to feel pretty and it's manly to hang out with your girls and let them cover you in glitter.

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