What the Benghazi attack taught me about Hillary Clinton
U.S. law requires sec.of state ensure all personnel assigned to post, be located at 1 site. Only the secretary can issue waiver. STEVENS SHOULD HAVE BEEN BACK,SAFE IN TRIPOLI
“KNOWS NOTHING” https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/what-the-benghazi-attack-taught-me-about-hillary-clinton
Had Amb.Stevens’July 2012 request for 13 more US security (either military or State Dept)been approved rather than rejected by Clinton appointee UnderSecOfState for Mgmt.Pat Kennedy, they would’ve traveled to Benghazi with ambassador, and Sept. 11 attack might’ve been thwarted.
After his last plea for help, on August 3, Clinton and Obama’s State Dept’s last communication to Stevens- STOP ASKING
The law requiring US personnel being in one facility, which states specifically that the waiver decision cannot be delegated, was passed after the 1998 bombing of two U.S. embassies in Africa, when deficient security was blamed for that debacle under Bill Clinton's presidency.
When asked under oath about security at Benghazi on Sept. 11, Mrs. Clinton asserted her lack of responsibility. That she never read any reporting on security conditions or any of the requests for additional security, claiming “she delegated security to the professionals.”
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