Today I’ve learned the extent to which people of color whose families immigrated to America will All Lives Matter the singular experience of Black Americans whose ancestors were enslaved HERE all while expecting Black Americans to advocate for all. It’s been a lesson.
Like, we can acknowledge many groups experience discrimination in this country founded on white supremacy and that intersectionalism, Pan-Africanism and allyship is critical without arguing against efforts to redress the particular disadvantage and legacy that descendants face.
Look at the outcomes for Black descendants of American slavery compared to every other group, and with the exception Indigenous Americans, we are at the absolute bottom. It’s OK to acknowledge/advocate for specific solutions for that while joining forces for other equity efforts.
I can’t recall anyone ever telling Indigenous Americans that they shouldn’t discuss and seek redress for land theft, boarding schools, genocide unless they’re talking about and including what’s happened to every other Indigenous people in the world.
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