instead of calling for action to help homeless people get housing, the BC Liberals Andrew Wilkinson is now calling for an end to projects like the Buchan Hotel, a home for over 60 women who needed a hand up. Disgusting.
West Enders have been clear with me that they want action on homelessness, and that they are supportive of projects like the Buchan, and the thousands of modular homes we have built to get folks off the streets and into supportive housing.
It’s clear that under a B.C. Liberal government they would do what they did before. They cancelled all affordable and supportive housing projects and watched as homelessness numbers exploded.
I should note I was referring to when the BC Liberals formed government in 2001. They cancelled 1000’s of units and didn’t build or buy any for years while the problem got worse. Thankfully the BC government started to buy some hotels and build some housing close to the Olympics.
It was clearly not enough- the housing challenges became so bad the last Liberal Premier told people to just move out of Vancouver, and the then Housing Minister called people who wanted more action on homelessness whiners.
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