Wearing a Mask is kneeling: I'm sure there will be many who will take issue with this thread. I hope they'll read it before sticking my head on a pike. This is connected to the larger Insurgent Movement & not a "social" statement. Nothing we see today is by accident.
Kneeling in "solidarity" is simply projection. The Marxist use the tactic, as enemies have for centuries, to give the appearance that "a plurality" share their views. Why is that important? Well it effectively increases the number of people that "Will not publicly object to them"
Social Pressure is just another form of intimidation. When we don't object to something being forced on us, it becomes acceptable. As a Country, we stepped on that spiral of compromise a long time ago. The current political unrest is a direct result of that step.
The don't want to keep you from fighting them The real goal with Masks & kneeling is to simply get you to not actively resist. We are frogs in the pot, and they are slowly turning up the heat. The fear mechanism they are exploiting isn't the virus.
It's camouflage against the herd deal. See if you don't wear one, you stand out. This is tough for folks to do. It takes a different type of courage. not standing out against the herd is a scary thing. It makes you easy to pick out. They know this, they aren't stupid, not at all
The same goes with kneeling. Aside from the propaganda value it also hits on this same herd camouflage. Why is all this conditioning necessary? Well they told you what their plan is. A contested election, no clear winner on election night. read the Podesta War game article.
This is how the leaders of the Marxist groups communicate. Openly. This prevents them from being exposed directly coordinating. They've been messaging this "Trump won't leave" since before he was elected. Why? because when they create their shit storm of legal challenges &..
Other issues, you'll go along to get along. There is absolutely no legitimate legal mechanism to require people to wear anything. They know it, they don't care why should they? we do it anyway. Folks aren't comfortable bucking the herd. This but one attack vector they use.
If you really think you should wear a mask for medical reasons I can't really advise you against it. I think that reasoning is misplaced, but I can understand it. Especially if you have at risk people close to you. Tough call. It is why they chose it as an attack vector.
Masks aren't about the virus, they are camo against the herd. Think of the malevolence behind that reasoning.....really think about it. Imagine what they'll do when they are in charge...If you can't, look to Mao, Stalin, Hitler, & Pol Pot. That's where it leads.
There is nothing they can do or say that will make me wear a mask. Nothing. it may seem insignificant, but if we don't have the courage to refuse that, we won't have the courage to fight back against what's coming. It's a bigger deal than you think///

Just sayin..
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