i have a thought:
i think that when marx said he inverted hegel, he didn't just mean matter --> thought;
he also meant he was turning over and obliterating the teleological development of the concept that hegel's logic was built around.
We know creationists look at evolution basically perfectly upside-down, as it were:
"this specific thing happened, so it HAD to be designed for this" and so on; jacques monod called them teleonomic structures.
obviously there's something similar going on in capitalism, but this is what's really interesting:
i think that marx saw a really clear parallel between hegel's philosophical "development of the world-spirit" and classical political economy.
Hegel almost perfectly focuses on the appearances which lead to the mystification of material reality, making everything look for the best in the best of all possible worlds.
Marx saw in Hegel THE voice of bourgeois mystification, the commodity fetish, false determination, etc.
SO, Marx kind of peels that back to show the evolution, contingency, variation, multi-directedness of society, which when viewed upside-down and from one side, looks so much like a single arrow pointing to our destiny of circulating commodities. nothing is as it really seems.
in a meme, marx's awful discovery:
unfortunately, plenty of marxists also more or less fell prey to this exact same fetishization, just with materialism instead of idealism. i don't *think* marx does--but even if he did, he would have been as wrong as everyone who does!
sorry fellas, the universe's reason for existence is not to eventually produce communism (so far as I know)
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