Well two, really good figures.

Like I mentioned earlier, it takes a while for ricin to be detected. What I did was use two small molecules. The first, as a screening compound, to see if there was a POSSIBILITY for ricin to be in a sample. The second, was to confirm it.
I love that this two-tier approach is perfect for settings where there could be a lot of samples, something like a poison outbreak.

You could screen a lot of samples (2 minutes/sample) and look for ricinoleic acid. If it's there, you look for ricinine, if not, you're clear.
On top of that, even if you have to look for ricinine, the confirmation compound, it'll still only take you 2 minutes!
I can even do it for those cases where ricin gets shipped in the mail.

(This happens to politicians a lot so I wanted to account for that scenario too).
Pretty cool right?!

My favorite thing about Thread Spray is that the applications are broad. I've been working mainly on diagnostics but my colleague @sierra__jackson has been using it for food safety and environmental applications!
Told you this would be short!

As always I'll take any and all your questions 😊
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