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VENUS placement

Venus relates to your values concerning love, pleasure, relationships and the enjoyment of life. Venus represents your capacity to enjoy experiences and attract needed resources/opportunites & people into your life.
Venus is the planet that symbolizes how you attract others into your life and what you need to feel loved and appreciated. It represents how you enjoy what you have- the experience of being satisfied or not.

Knowing your Venus sign gives you clues as to qualities you enjoy.
Venus in ♈️:

You value direct and honest communication in relationships. You value independence, for yourself and others. You have a willingness to jump into action at a whims notice. You go for what you want with total conviction. The person who surrenders quickly does not-
Hold your attention. You need constant newness in your life. You attract dynamic individuals, you can have short intense relationships. Difficulties arise in your impatience. Others consider you self-centered. Cooperation is essential in your relationships. You like surprises.
Venus in ♉️:

Your lifestyle reflects quality & stability. You like surrounding yourself with beautiful objects & people. You enjoy the simple pleasures. Your values are your greatest resource. You cannot be pushed. You’re dependable and you want that quality in others.
You need security in relationships. You’re a nester that needs a comfortable home. Might be hard to let go of resistance when change is required. You can get quite possessive of your partner. Touching is an important form of communication, you’re always down to cuddle.
Venus in ♊️:

You flourish with mental stimulation and thrive in open minded relationships. You like to talk about anything, especially love. You flirt out of innocent joy. You’re involved in relationships that puzzling to others. You form quick infacrustions and enjoy the-
Diversion of building who fantisies around people you barely know. You fall in and out of love quickly. You’ll most likely need to develop empathy for the emotional needs of others. You’re a freedom oriented person, life is an adventure. You need someone who keeps it fresh.
Venus in ♋️:

You’re nurturing to those in your inner circle, and cautious with others. It might take more time to win you over. You become attached to those you love, and breakups are harder on you. The right choice in a relationship is essential to you, as you get hurt easily.
People must prove themself to you. Your love life must be secure, or you’ll have a hard time feeling centered. Allow new experiences/people into your life. People are attracted to your warmth/sincerity. You need private time to sort through your emotional life.
Venus in ♌️:

You are fun-loving & personable. You celebrate life with those you love. You want big love and are attracted to those who aren’t timid in their expression of love. You require loyalty, honestly & total devotion. Your feelings get broadcast without words.
Your relationships are laced with integrity. You are attracted to drama & intensity. You’re fun to be with, but you will not be pushed. You demand just as much of yourself as you do of others. You expect a lot out of the person you’re with. You are magnetic that won’t be pushed.
Venus in ♍️:

You’re specific about your likes and dislikes. You’ll feel secure in relationships where you are needed & appreciated. You feel good when your efforts are appreciated. You are sensual when all the conditions are just right. You need to take off your thinking cap-
In order not to miss the playful and romantic joy of love. Sometimes you fail to speak up for your own needs. You would benefit from a partner who supports your expression of love. You run the risk of your relationship becoming mechanical, like an item on a checklist.
Venus in ♎️:

Beauty and relationships are the twin anchors of your values. You have high standards for what’s possible in relationships. You prefer cooperation, as you have a strong dislike for arguments. You know what other people value instinctively. You’d like a partner-
Who enjoys dressing up, go to a fancy restaurant, walk along the beach & read poetry. Romance excites you. People trust your fairness. Unfortunately, your real-life relationships often can’t live up to ideal you hold in your mind. You avoid unpleasantness when it reveals itself.
Venus in ♏️:

People are drawn to you, but you are mysterious to others. You don’t like your private life discussed. You’re reserved with your emotions. You have to trust a person for love to develop. You’re vulnerable to jealousy/mistrust. Your sex life is important to you.
If things get too predictable you’ll stir things up. You can’t deal with the fear of rejection. The person you really doubt is yourself. You question whether others are fair to you. Time doesn’t heal your resentments/grudges. What you see is not always what you get.
Venus in ♐️:

You’ll enjoy relationships that broaden your perspective on life. You want to expand. Adventure is more important to you than intimacy. You’re an escape artist when it comes to being pinned down. You will talk your way out of anything. You must be in charge-
Of your relationships. You have the ability to always frame things in a positive light. When you’re at odds with your partner it can lead to competitiveness. Sometimes it’s difficult for you to fully enjoy the experiences/people you involve yourself with. You just want to grow.
Venus in ♑️:

You possess a fair amount of patience and discernment, you can be cautious forming new ties. You tend to be pragmatic in terms of the heart. You surrender to close relationships in measured steps. You’re inclined to think of long-term ramifications.
You want a relationship that focuses on building a life together. Once you give yourself to another in love, you remain loyal through thick and thin. You can always feel under pressure. Create time for the personal side of your relationships. You pride urself on being capable.
Venus in ♒️:

You value friends who share your interests. You’re friendly and outgoing and need mental stimulation on matters of the heart. You recognize and appreciate what is unique in others. You can’t tolerate people being possessive of you. Platonic relationships that are-
Open and honest are more comfortable for you. Deep love is rare. You value independence at a high degree. You can easily detach from a situation. You value originality. You appreciate brutal honesty. The path to your heart is through the mind. You accept others with open arms.
Venus in ♓️:

You’re a romantic idealist. When you bond with someone it is through the heart and those feelings run deep. You try to keep your relationships centered by not directly dealing with issues. Your sympathetic nature makes you vulnerable for being taken advantage of.
You’re a caring/nurturing partner. Your sensitivity is overwhelming, which can lead to great personal upsets when you are confused/disappointed. There’s always tension going on under the surface. You might feel misunderstood, you hate assumptions. Defend your own interests.
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