The Anunnaki, Enoch, and Humanity: a Zvko thread

First let’s begin with the Sumerian story of creation. According to their ancient tablets, a race of aliens called the Anunnaki came to earth from a planet called Nibiru. These Anunnaki supposedly terraformed the earth in 7 days
They were also responsible for the creation of humanity by means of searching for the most advanced form of life on earth at the time and inserting some of their DNA to make the modern human. The creation of humanity was to serve these aliens.
Now this could explain two major mysteries in modern day science. The great leap were human evolution, specially in the brain, inexplicably advanced tenfold and the mystery of human chromosome 2.
We have proof or as good as it gets that there was a fusion at some point in human chromosome 2 that could not have happened naturally. This coincidentally is exactly what the Sumerians describe when talking of the Anunnaki gifting part of their DNA to humans.
Now the story of aliens or beings from the sky coming down to earth and gifting humanity their technology is as old as time and is shared amongst many ancient civilizations.
One of the best examples being the ancient Hindus who describe practically the exact same thing happening with their gods (and they documented this as quite well)
The Sumerians tell of how the Anunnaki eventually disappeared and appointed kings to rule for them and gifted them even more of their DNA, this is where the concept royal bloodlines comes from and is substantiated by the “blue bloods” conspiracy
Now for The Book of Enoch. Enoch was the son of Jared and the great grandfather of Noah. His book was part of the Bible until the 4th century (coincidentally around the time of Constantine and the nicene council)
however much of what he said can still be found in the modern bible. It should be noted that Enoch is one of the few men to ever walk with God and never die, according to Genesis. In his book, Enoch describes beings from the sky, which he calls the Watchers, descending unto earth
The beings were the sons of God and meant to watch over men and guide us, yet they fell in love with the earthly women and had giant children known as the Nephilim. The Watchers and their giant children became cruel and unjust ruling of mankind with fear and destruction
while also teaching their wives sciences such as agriculture, craftsmanship and other forms of technology meant to “help” ease our lives. (Read Kaczynski)
While many peoples (such as the Sumerians) saw the Watchers and Nephilim as their helpful yet cruel gods, Enoch’s visions led him to believe in the one true God which he associated with the sun, giver of life, the father in the sky.
Enoch claims he was given all of this information from the angel Uriel, who helped him to learn astronomy and sacred geometry, and also to predict the flood that would end the Watchers reign over men and the coming of a messiah to free humanity once and for all
To conclude I would just like to say it’s all very interesting at the very least, I may be misrepresenting some of this due to lack of knowledge There is a lot more that ties into it and I am still learning. If you have any more info I would love to hear, and thanks for reading
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