Also, this tweet comes a few days before the one-year anniversary of the test of the below, erm, “apparatus,” which cinched the August 2, 2019, effectuation of US withdrawal from the INF Treaty.

Russia recently published a one-year “post-mortem” on INF:
The Russian post-mortem included this line: “The US conducted full-scale tests of these missiles, which fully confirmed that Russia’s long-standing grievances with Washington regarding the treaty were fully justified.”
One Russian grievance when the INF Treaty was in force was that Mk41 VLS (the white vertical apparatus above) used at fixed Aegis Ashore BMD sites in Europe could launch non-interceptor missiles; that’s not quite true, but the test of this thing last August didn’t help.
See this thread from @SimonHoejbjerg, who explains what exactly a Mk41 VLS is and isn’t.
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