"Why is it okay for somebody's child to have an inferior education if my child has the BEST education?" @RobinDiAngelo asks during #19thRepresents panel. #yesyesyesyesyes
"It is so much more challenging to look at interior superiority and a lot easier to look at victimization," @RobinDiAngelo reminds White women at #19thRepresents
If you feel "privileged shamed" Robin DiAngelo recommends that White women "get over it" and imagine discussing sexism with a man who doesn't get it.
"Here's the thing, I feel tired from keep having to talk to White women" about their racism, say Brittney Cooper, author of Eloquent Rage, at #19thRepresents "They start to cry, you get framed as the aggressor, you're the angry black woman."
"White liberal women, sometimes are y'all are the worst enemies," Brittney Cooper says at #19thRepresents, TELLING IT like it is.
"The real thing White folks have to do? You have to get up close and personal and build relationships with people of color," @ProfessorCrunk tells #19thRepresents, adding it will be hard work and take time. #dothework
It is "initially it's very disorienting" but if you stick with it you will become fluent as you "commit to the work" of allyship, @ProfessorCrunk tell us at #19thRepresents, you won't be there in 6 months or a year. Accept this and "you'll be just fine."
Real allyship is scary you have to put yourself on line. You cannot whisper to a woman of color after a meeting that she was right, you need to stick up for her in mostly White spaces
says in a call to reject "performative allyship" at the #19thRepresents
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