Everyone get's started at different points of there life, some sooner than others

However you got started whenever you got started, I am just glad you started

For those of you looking to begin, let's get started!

"Beginning Your Journey"


"Invest in YOURSELF"

To start your journey, the first thing I would encourage you do is make the ultimate investment

Investing in courses and read books to familiarize yourself with the stock market


- How the market works
- What the major averages are
- Key terms such as EPS, Market Cap, Payout Ratio, etc
- Valuation ratios


As you continue to learn and educate yourself, ensure you have an EMERGENCY fund saved up

This is 6-12mo of expenses that cover you for a rainy day

- Health issues
- Job loss
- Property repairs

"The Brokerage Account"

Now it is time to open that brokerage account

There are plenty to choose from

I use Schwab & Fidelity, and both work great for me

Others include:

- TD Ameritrade
- Robinhood
- Etrade

To name a few

Once that account is open and ready to operate it is time to transfer your funds

Only transfer what you are comfortable investing

If you want to start slow, that is fine, but once you get more familiar you will become even more excited about investing

"The First Investment"

I always recommend the first investment be in an ETF or Index Fund that tracks the broader market

Something like $IVV $VOO or $SPY is great because it is low cost and mirrors the S&P 500

ETFs are a bundle of numerous stocks

So right from the start, an ETF allows you to

- Diversify your portfolio
- Track the broader market
- Lower risk
- Build a foundation for your portfolio

"The Next Investments"

After you build a solid base in ETFs, then you may be looking to ad some individual stocks

Stock picking can be exciting, but it does not come without added risks

I find it thrilling investing in individual companies, companies I can relate to

With an ETF you have numerous stocks, but individual stocks you are banking on their performance alone

If 1 or 2 stocks in the ETF are down, there are tons of others to pick them up to keep the ETF moving higher

Add dividend stocks that will grow your wealth over time

"Max Out Retirement Accounts"

If you do not already have an IRA, open one and contribute the max contribution each year

If you have a 401(k) company match, ensure you max that out, that is FREE Money

"Remain Patient"

Investing is about remaining patient

Consistently contribute

Reinvest Dividends

Watch your wealth COMPOUND and grow!
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