Medical School passed a new policy stating students "are not allowed to be involved in any form of public statement about social justice and racial inequities in medicine in any prominent location on campus" any one on #MedTwitter or in the #MedEd realm have any advice?
@DrQuinnCapers4 any suggestions or advice on what we could do here? or maybe where to start?
Hard to truly articulate how incredibly shocked and in awe of the support I have received today. Have not been super big on #MedTwitter and truly thought I would get a only a couple responses.
Speaking out is terrifying, I am a bit scared - but the DMs, tweets and messages of support from PDs, current physicians, med students, and solid show from the legal world has been incredible.
This conversation is far from over, thank you #MedTwitter and #MedEd for the support, resources, and advice, I will be referring back to this thread continues to address this and (the many) other issues - For now, I will take this and push for ending on the right side of history.
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