| When You Wake Up | #Sope Au

Yoongi is living his perfect life with his partner Hoseok, but things fell down when he was diagnosed with Progeria, a disease which causes the body to age faster, he needs to cryopreserve his body until a cure is discovered

#Sopeweek #sopeweekd6
tags: sope au, side vmin,
-established relationship
-minor character death
-aging-up few char. (don't worry it's not weird af)

-I am not in the medical field so some parts here are actually existing irl and some are product of imagination
-I planned to post it on AO3 but AO3 is being a btch
-it's my debut so bear with me :'(
-my english sucks so if you see some grammar errors, let's just pretend that it didn't exist 😂
-this was inspired from a local tv show called "Lorenzo's time"
-reply or quote is fine:)
[ Prologue]

#Sope #yoonseok au

#sope #yoonseok au
This is so short but there will be few more updates, maybe tomorrow :)) Here is my cc if you got some questions or if you wanna say something, I would love to hear it, see you on the next update 💕 love y'all https://curiouscat.qa/ReilLorenzo 
(Mostly from Yoongi's POV)

#sope #yoonseok au
[the photo]
There will be one last update :) More like a bonus chapter, I think I already mentioned that this is just so short because this is supposed to be a oneshot fic in AO3 lmfao I don't know why it takes me forever to update. So yeah for questions or insights👇 https://curiouscat.qa/ReilLorenzo 
The Other Side
[Bonus/Final Part]
#sope #yoonseok au

#sope #yoonseok au
-----[ E N D ]-----
Thank you! this supposed to be a one shot fic, but I'm so thankful for everyone who's been so supportive with this fic especially it's my first time posting my writing, I love you all so much, you can still send your insights here, love you and thaank you💕 https://curiouscat.qa/ReilLorenzo 
Anyways! Since some are asking me if I'm still gonna post it in AO3, I just posted it there in this link for those who want to read it continously outside the thread! Thank you so much for all the kind words 💕

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