After blocking several other key witnesses from appearing at the committee charged with reviewing Premier Jason Kenney’s pandemic response, the UCP has scheduled Dr Hinshaw’s critical testimony to happen right on top of the government’s fiscal update.

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“This is part of an ongoing effort by the UCP to limit public scrutiny of several serious failures in this government’s pandemic response."
- @DShepYEG Official Opposition Critic for Health
Albertans will never hear from many of the central figures in Alberta’s largest and deadliest outbreaks, and now the UCP is hoping many Albertans will be listening to the Finance Minister when Dr. Hinshaw speaks.
They likely don’t want Albertans to know exactly what Dr. Hinshaw recommended to the Cabinet when it comes to the safe reopening of schools, shutting down the Cargill meat plant during the largest COVID-19 outbreak in N. America.
Nicholas Milliken, the UCP chair of the Select Special Public Health Act Review Committee, scheduled Dr. Hinshaw’s testimony to overlap with the widely anticipated Fiscal and Economic Update to be delivered by the Finance Minister Travis Toews on August 27, 2020.
Starting in June, the UCP-dominated committee was given 4 months to consult with experts, Albertans, and deliberate on recommendations before drafting a report to the Legislative Assembly. The August 27, 2020, meeting will be the group’s first substantive & non-procedural meeting
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