One of the worst things about being single is when you fancy a massive piece of nutty creamy carrot cake or crisply glazed lemon drizzle but you can’t be arsed to make one just for yourself, nor go to the shop, but you know you’d make one for a lover in a feeders heartbeat.
I have done some rash things in my lifetime but I am not about to take a lover just to bake big seductive fuck-off cakes again. Not even a warm chocolate fudge studded throughout with candied lime peel OH FOR GODS SAKE WHERE DID THAT COME FROM
Sticky toffee pudding with fudgey dates on top. Triple layered Victoria sponge with fresh strawberries. Home made Bakewell tart. Cherry pie. Peanut butter and white chocolate traybake. Bounty brownies. Jam tarts with a dark choc pastry and lime marmalade. Oh no
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