First off I'm not choosing my top 7. We had too much heartbreak loosing 10 talented individuals. This is too much damage on my mental health and most of all the participants.
I know and I fully understand that this is a survival show. But outside this show is our own world. Our own cruel life that we had to face. We found our way to I-LAND & found our happiness and strength by supporting them. But imagine waiting for friday with so much anxiety+
Staying up late just to wait for the nerve-wrecking results, a very heartbreaking goodbyes and tommorow we'll face our own problems in our lives. THEN we wait again with so much anxiety.

But we all waited this long to finally atleast somehow accept that OT23 wasn't possible+
now, OT12 is our last hope. But this isn't just about the global fans. We are more concern with the mental health of the I-LANDERs. Bang PD said himself that he's concerned with Heesung's mental health the most. Heesung had been through so much especially when he once practiced+
with TXT (assuming at this point that he was a supposed member of the group since it's mention in his story). Hanbin is a founder, a great dancer in his home country Vietnam. He was very confident yet he's losing confidence when he didn't have a chance to step up to ground+
Overall, according to http://www.mentalhealth.org.uk , "poor mental health can negatively impact on physical health, leading to an increased risk of some conditions" Sunoo, he said himself that he had an operation last year and he feels he's not physically fit, we don't even know why he+
had to be ospitalized but isn't it concerning that having poor mental health may worsen his condition?

Having so much heartbreak and emotional damage for these past 2 months, is it worth it to just come to this point to witness another elimination?
Also about rankings. I know the purpose of pressure is to push your limits but having so much pressure to carry can actually impact you negatively. NOT EVERYONE HAS THE EMOTIONAL CAPACITY TO TAKE IN SO MUCH PRESSURE. NOT EVERYONE IMPROVES WITH PRESSURE.
So now I'd like to know.

Is OT12 too much to ask?

If you came to this point. Thank you for listening.

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