My friends, my wife will die without her anti-stroke meds & she takes her last dose at 11a tomorrow. Her meds cost $175/week or $700/month. We have no income & are currently at $9.19. PLEASE, retweet if you can’t donate!  #furry #lgbt #FurryFriday 1/4
Proof of the current state of our accounts. For more information on us, I keep a FAQ here: 

Alternate ways to donate/help:
Venmo: tygerwolfe
Note 1: I use the same words when asking for help in this desperate situation due to Twitter’s character limit. I only ask when we have no other recourse,& I try to keep our situation transparent. Updates are posted to Twitter. Thank you all for helping me keep my wife alive! 3/4
Note 2: We are both at high risk for COVID-19, & our stimulus money went to rent & other bills. My Disability hearing was rescheduled, due to missing records, to 9/10/2020. COVID has stalled my job search, so this is our current only recourse. Thank you again. 4/4
Hey, could you all please rt the first post in this thread to help me get my wife her meds this week? Thank you all so much! @olivebrinker @maegodhavemercy @LadyShinga @Linkara19 @BriannaCherry @Postsemreh @mmonogram @Carter_AndrewJ @CalaerielLittle @alexevans91 @transscribe
Could you all please share the first post in this thread so I can get my wife her stroke meds this week? Thank you.
#furryfandom #viral #Twitter
Everyone, please...we’re desperate & now only 22 hours until her last dose. Please retweet the first post in this thread so we can get her meds? @EbThen @maegodhavemercy @TimberPuppers @olivebrinker @damnyouwillis @BoozyBadger @microdile @Grimmy_Coyote @MomsofFurries @MarkWitton
Please, PLEASE retweet the first post of this thread so I can get my wife her stroke meds. We’re desperate.
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