Why we should cancel Sorn from a k-pop group CLC; A THEARD #sssornclcIsOverParty
FYI, This evening had a really big news in Thailand. Thai activist name Parit who is one of the leader of the Anti-military government protest in Thailand was arrested CRUELY. Just because he was saying the truth (for more info please check #SaveParit tag) (1) https://twitter.com/futureisyourss/status/1294224038307471367
And this same evening sorn did a live on her instagram. And Thai people were *BEGGING* for her to use her platform to spread the news to the world. But instead she just read nonsense comments like “her nails is fabulous” (2) https://twitter.com/marbarnar/status/1294230754029780992
And when the comments about Thailand situation is too many. She can’t pretend to not see it anymore. She just said “I’ve got somethin’ to do” and left...(3)
After that people did some research about her family backgroud. And found that her father is a member of a party called PPRP (4)
The leader of PPRP party is Prawit wongsuwan. He did a coup détat in 2014 and Thailand was ruled by Junta dictators gang called NCPO without democracy for 5 years(2014-2019) (5)
And in 2019, NCPO cannot resist pressure from international anymore. So NCPO wrote thier own constitution. Which is very bias. Thus, they won a very questionable election and continue to be the government. In past 6 years the human’s right situation in thailand is worse.(6)
Activists was forced to disapperaed Or death. Some of them was arrested by law that written by NCPO/PPRP(parit is an example).(7)
And this is what she do. Continued to dance on tik tok after the live on instagram. Ignoring people’s lives.💁🏻‍♀️(end)
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