Evidence that Africans were in America before Columbus:
To begin, in 1921, Leo Wiener was the first modern professor to expose the link of Africans in America. You can read “Africa and the discovery of America” and he lists linguistic, botanical and other similarities between those in Africa and those in America.
In the dairy of Columbus’ second voyage, he discusses how spears were brought to him by “black skinned people”. He took the spears back to Spain and this is what happened:
The spears were analyzed and it turns out they were covered in metal called guanin. The metalist found that it’s an alloy of 32 parts: 18 of gold, 6 of silver, and 8 of copper & it matched the metal of the spearheads used by the Moors and Malians of West Africa.
The islands that Columbus renamed were of Arabic and Bantu origin. For an example San Salvador was Guanahani. The Isabela island was originally called Saometo.

There were also plants that predated Columbus but were of African origin: the yam, cotton, peanuts, bottle gourds etc.
Multiple Muslim historians state that voyages West of Africa were going on in 1311. Mansa Musa specifically talks about his predecessors commissioning a voyage with 200 ships West of Africa and for them to “go out and find something”
In 1513, Vasco Nunez de Balboa met a tribe of Ethiopians in Panama. He said they came from a “totally black village” that was two days away....
There are also actual African skeletons dating back 3000 years ago in that were found in the Americas.

You also see this and other murals similar in the Temple of Warriors in the Yucatán which dates back at least 1000 years.
The head below is known as “El Negro”, there are 17 more just like it from Meso America. The 1st pyramid is the Great Pyramid of La Venta, the 1st in the Americas. The 2nd is the Pyramid of the Sun with a base identical to the Giza pyramid. Only 1 ppl knew how to build pyramids.
The last I’ll present and one of the most dominating pieces of information in this thread(in my opinion) is the fact that cocaine and tobacco were found in Ancient Egyptian mummies.

These drugs were only located in one area during this time and it wasn’t in Africa.
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