hahahahaha not even the obama era "please trust the libs more" ghouls get anything https://twitter.com/HotlineJosh/status/1294241465195954177
warren gets nothing, clyburn gets nothing, abrams gets nothing, the pod jons get nothing. it doesn't matter if you criticize them or not. it doesn't matter if you fall in line. it doesn't matter if you help him win. biden's people don't fucking care
if the pod jons aren't allowed to criticize democrats you better fucking believe nobody else is lol https://twitter.com/HotlineJosh/status/1294241992667471872
"we'll push them to the left" motherfucker they blow off the people going out of their way to help them win who agree with all of their politics and are also big recepients of corporate cash. you can't even push biden to "i scratch your back, you scratch mine"
good reminder that coalition building as people expect it is impossible/non-existent. warren hires everyone else's staff, doesn't attack biden, hits at bernie, gets "bankruptcy bill yeah w/e". bernie presents a threat and at least gets a highly publicized platitude in task forces
i've usually put it to warren people but it applies to everyone else too - they don't care. it doesn't matter how nice you are to them. warren did everything they said bernie 'should' and her reward for it was the establishment and media pretending she didn't exist anymore
which is why i'd like to know what kamala did behind the scenes to secure the vp slot and i also now wonder how if her incredibly early dropout wasn't just because her polling sucked shit

i wonder if quietly biden thinks he doesn't owe *obama* shit
wouldn't surprise me if he privately does not feel great about a much younger politician sweeping in and not only winning the primary and presidency but becoming far more popular and adored than he ever was or will be
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