A thread of me sharing my positive impression of Heeseung since he has thoroughly impressed me since day one :

A little INTRODUCTION for those who are not familiar with him :

Stage Name: Heeseung (희승)
Birth Name: Lee Hee Seung (이희승)
Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Dancer
Birthday: October 15th, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 179 cm (5’10”)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean
Heeseung was first revealed in the first batch of applicants for I-LAND survival show. The anticipation before his arrival was evident in the faces of the other participants. When he stepped in, the participants were buzzing with excitement.
Heeseung has a particular aura and striking sense of confidence that captivates people's attention in a fraction of a second.The other participants talked so highly of Heeseung from all aspects that my expectation from him skyrocketed. The judges weren't an exception.
What's interesting is that Heeseung has such humbleness in his look, it seems like he's completely unaware of the impact he leaves along his way.
The others added how like a role model Heeseung was. Seeing him before themselves the others knew how Heeseung did justice to the acclamation he received. Jaebeom added how he looked up to Heeseung for inspiration while EJ proudly claimed that he was the Ace of the group.
It's not just the visuals but also the talents Heeseung held that reminded Daniel of Jungkook of BTS.Personally , he reminds me so much of SUGA and Jungkook that I was taken aback 😳😳 The similarity is almost uncanny.
One of my first impressions of Heeseung was how he was full up to the brim with confidence , determination and good conscience . He had aspirations stretching much ahead in the future and wasn't ashamed of making it known.
#HEESEUNG_ILAND @mnetiland
Heeseung continued to talk about his friendship with TXT. He had a history of training for long with TXT and forming a bond with them in the meantime. Heeseung confessed about his bittersweet feelings after TXT's debut.
This is exactly where his honestly kicks in and makes him more admirable. Although he was happy for TXT's debut, he was having a hard time and was perhaps anxious about his own debut. So he walked in ILAND with determination to pave the way for a desired future.
Heeseung is a trending topic of conversation among the other trainees.BangPDadmitted that Heeseung was someone to look forward to while everyone approved. Sunghoon, who had known him for sometime ,proudly complimented that among the BigHit trainees Heeseung bagged all the prizes.
That is exactly how versatile Heeseung was.He holds immeasurable talent in himself. He has a flair for a vast spectrum of things including singing,dancing , rapping and even producing. Heeseung admitted recently that he wants the role of a producer and rapper in the final group.
Personally, someone's nature is what draws me. Heeseung's qualities of mind and character is very admirable. In spite of having talents worthy of show, he radiates modesty .He has trust in his abilities but doesn't let it slip where it isn't required.
. When he performs , it's almost like the stage names itself his. His vocals are distinguishable and well controlled , his dance movements are a perfect blend of strong and smooth while his expressions are top-notch.
he's always ready to share credits with others. He knows that teamwork is the prime requirement to good scores in tests and makes sure to prove so. When chosen as the lead and center initially ,he tried to bring out the best in all participants with good evaluation and coaching.
Heeseung gave up the best parts without hesitance twice, risking his opportunity to stand out. He isn't domineering in nature and gives everyone's opinion priority, even at the sacrifice of his own.
Although his directness and honestly (which teams with professionalism )may make him seem a bit distant , he's a real, sweetheart , trustworthy and reliable. He's someone who'll always offer a hand of help to anyone asking.
Anyone would find confort in Heeseung if they're willing to.He is constantly seen helping the team with the choreography to every detail. He certainly isn't someone to let his emotions overdrive his professionalism. 💜💜😊😊
One of his most striking qualities is his courage. They say it takes courage to own up to one's fault. When in the interim evaluation test the group performance under his lead was condemned , Heeseung strongly accepted his fault.

He gathered the team, and stressed on the necessity of communication for good teamwork.He told how expressing of contradictory opinions are impotant to strengthen their bond.If this doesn't convince you of his sense of leadership and integrity, then you must see for yourself.😭💜
Heeseung's inherently empathetic. He put himself in the shoes of the new ILANDers and asked them to be more expressive. He believes it's better to fix the demerits rather than concentrating only on the merits.
Heeseung looked devastated while seeing off the ones eliminated to the ground. He was crying rivers because seeing his friends leave had an overwhelming impact on him. 😭😭💜

In conclusion, it's not just his talents that captured my notice. I see Heeseung beyond his talents , as a person full of kindness , love , companionship and worthy of trust. He has clarity of thoughts , trust in his abilities , empathy for teammates( who're more than so.)
He's a fair player without any manipulative tendencies. His mind genuine and unpretentious. He's preserved and composed while his performance shouts will and resolution. He stands up for himself and encourages others to do so.
And to add to it he's so amiable . When you get to know him you realise that he's very welcoming. His shy smiles and curious gazes are something to fall for and you can't help escaping a chuckle when you catch him acting playful. 😂😂
He's an inspiration and motivation for many even at such an early age. Heeseung has gained worldwide acclamation with his abilities. I'm so full of pride for him and I wish I've successfully passed it on to the readers. 💜
If I've successfully piqued your curiosity and interest in Heeseung , do watch I-LAND and help him debut because he's very deserving of it. If you need help with watching ILAND, feel free to interact .💜💜💜

It fills me up to the brim with concern. He anxious because he sees ILAND as his last attempt at debuting. BUT BELIEVE ME,WITH THE TALENT HE HOLDS, HE'LL MAKE IT AND HE A GLOBAL SENSATION IN NO TIME 😭😭 https://twitter.com/heeseunged/status/1294306677911482368?s=19

LET'S DO OUR BEST TO GET THE BOYS WHAT THEY DESERVE 😭😭😭 https://twitter.com/heeseunged/status/1294304167004004352?s=19
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