When new agencies suddenly pop into existence... RESEARCH THEM.

Has the founder had experience agenting - YEARS, not just an internship here or there

Has the founder made sales?

Do they have an online presence aside from website? (1/?)
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There's a difference b/w a new agent building their first list and an agent creating their own agency. Creating your own means you should have multiple years/sales under your belt, you should know how to handle contracts/financials (2/?)
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You should have sold subrights before/already have a plan in place for your new agency to sell these BEFORE announcing the agency opening (aka, no Coming Soon vagueness).

The industry should already know you in SOME capacity (3/4) #writingcommunity #amquerying #querytip
Their experience lets you research them and know if they're a fit for you or if they're shady. Having zero footprint in this industry means zero credibility to run a literary agency & the mountain that goes into that (4/4)
#writingcommunity #amquerying #querytip
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