Writers, make sure to research agencies before querying, especially newer agencies.

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It's easy to say you're an agent but being a legit agent takes experience and a solid mentorship.

It's often YEARS in the making.

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Not to say that all new agencies are bad - but it's important to check what experience the founder has.

If they were an agent elsewhere, are there deals to be found? Are there mentions of their former place of work?

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If you were to get an offer from them, it's more than valid to ask about their previous experiences and what mentorship they received

Also a great question for new agents!

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Some sources to check:

Absolute Write Forum
Writer Beware
Publishers Marketplace (Though this does cost money)

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This point has been said before but a bad agent is way worse than no agent.

So stay safe out there while querying! Your work matters and deserves to have the best champion.

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Adding this point to my thread as well.

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Okay adding to this thread that if you're querying and want more info, my DMs are open!
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