I don’t know how to create a thread 😂it’s my firstime so
I am going to recommend some amazing AUs That I have already read 🥺and please recommend me some to read too☺️sadly I can only read English AU🥺 hope you will like it 💖
This is one of first AU I read on twitter 🥺 this one is cute💖🥺 https://twitter.com/mewgulfkings/status/1250594554186616832
This one too is soo good 🤧❤️ I remember when I check her account everyday to see the update (I am still doing that though huhuhu)😂 https://twitter.com/mewgulfkings/status/1258215940585476096
This one is really one of my favorite 😭❤️❤️❤️ I LOVE IT SO MUCH ❤️❤️ not gonna lie I cried🤧😭💖 https://twitter.com/mewgulfkings/status/1265472560054984704
That’s one too🤧 but you have to read « A parallel universe » first 🥺❤️ I wasn’t kidding when I said she is one of the best writer I know
It is still ongoing 💖 https://twitter.com/mewgulfkings/status/1273573211020681219
This one is too cuteeee 🥺❤️ it is still ongoing ❤️❤️❤️ but it’s too cuteeee❤️ it’s been a while since I read High School AU 💖 https://twitter.com/mewgulfkings/status/1290561166998028290
This one 🤧💖 OMG it’s so beautiful 😭❤️❤️❤️ I shed tears when I read it it’s so beautiful🤍 one of the best writer I know too 🤍 https://twitter.com/checheyyyie/status/1250381288902705153
One of my fav too 🤧😭❤️ it’s still ongoing💖 it’s really wow 😭❤️❤️❤️ Awesome😭❤️ https://twitter.com/checheyyyie/status/1265843273865650176
This one too😭❤️ it is still ongoing but it’s really beautiful 🤧❤️ one of my fav 😭💖 https://twitter.com/waanjaimg20/status/1288488453584297984
This one too 🤧❤️ I haven’t finished yet (bc I have online school now) but I can tell you guys it’s a really great one💖 I recommend 💖 https://twitter.com/klovesbl/status/1269476145138995205
Hehe A spicy One Shot🤭🥵 I recommend hehe you are gonna love it 😋💖 https://twitter.com/waanjaimg20/status/1290669549927297024
Another spicy One Shot🤭🥵😋♥️ https://twitter.com/waanjaimg20/status/1292673967187083265
This one is so great too😭❤️❤️ I really loved it ♥️♥️♥️♥️ https://twitter.com/mewstypegulf/status/1271199793646166016
I really love this one too 🤧❤️ not gonna lie but I shed tears reading it 🤧♥️ but seriously it’s a beautiful AU💖💖 https://twitter.com/emswindowseat/status/1275036106992447489
This one is so cute and so funny hehe 😚❤️ https://twitter.com/gulfisbae/status/1272591787375202306
This one too🤭💖 it’s a spicy one though hehe but I enjoyed reading it asksksks ❤️ https://twitter.com/biiegends/status/1223616104741752835
This one is short but a cute one 🥺💖💖💖 https://twitter.com/mewgulfie7/status/1257810794747768837
This one is a spicy one hehe I loved reading it huhuhu🤭💖 https://twitter.com/gulf_mewl/status/1257794570743681027
This one is so cute and funny hehe 😂❤️ really that’s so cute 🥺💖 https://twitter.com/02sgulf/status/1251537978708525057
I love this one too it’s funny and cute and all hehe 🤭❤️ it is still ongoing https://twitter.com/wlnvc/status/1217953296800866304
This one is so funny too hehe and cutee 💖 it is still ongoing 💖 https://twitter.com/mewgulf_zaintse/status/1264352548221259779
This one is so so cute too 😚💖 https://twitter.com/gulfisbae/status/1216774277623533569
This one is so so cute 💖😭 it’s an Mpreg🤭💖 https://twitter.com/typegulf__/status/1247850103060267010
This one is so good 😭💖 she is such a good writer plus she is a good artist 😭💖 have you seen her paints? 🤧💖 you can find it through the link on her pinned tweet https://twitter.com/mgwanjaaifamily/status/1284358217292820480
This one is from wattpad 🥺💖 I really really really love it 💖 you can accès to it through this link https://my.w.tt/ai3b1GhxW8 
This one too hehe it is still ongoing 💖 but I already love it so much hehe
https://twitter.com/viintage__mg/status/1283366978892095488?s=21 https://twitter.com/viintage__mg/status/1283366978892095488
This one too 🥺💖 I loved reading it hehe 💖💖 https://twitter.com/onewithmewgulf/status/1272620368314814464
This one too 🤧💖 it’s an One shot🥺💖 https://twitter.com/wuviswaanjai/status/1293174071249842176
I recommend all of her MewGulf Oneshot 🤧💖 she is such a good writer ❤️❤️ check her pinned Tweets you won’t be disappointed ❤️❤️❤️ https://twitter.com/wuviswaanjai/status/1284469314591096832
It’s a spicy one 💖 ISTG she is one of the best at writing spicy AU 🤭💖 you should check her pinned tweets too💖
This one is so 🥵💖 https://twitter.com/painonthedaily/status/1289587183829934080
I wanna add this one too😚💖 I am sure it will be Gold🤧💖 I haven’t read it yet but I love the prompt and it is still ongoing❤️ https://twitter.com/imafangirluv/status/1290257111708917761
So I haven’t read it yet but I got some recommendations so I’ll add it on the thread , I am sure it will be GOLD though 💖💖💖 and Again thank you for recommending me her works 💖💖 https://twitter.com/jenniferjoyx3/status/1264655957272989703
This one too 💖💖💖 https://twitter.com/jenniferjoyx3/status/1271261637530587137
This one too 💖💖💖 https://twitter.com/jenniferjoyx3/status/1279414137253244930
This one too hehe 💖💖 https://twitter.com/jenniferjoyx3/status/1280204103398969345
This one too hehe 💖 https://twitter.com/jenniferjoyx3/status/1283989891756560384
This one too 💖💖 https://twitter.com/jenniferjoyx3/status/1289013759768514560
And this one 💖 Some told me her works are amazing I haven’t read all those AUs yet too but I’ll do it for sure and I can tell you that’s gonna be GOLD 💖 https://twitter.com/jenniferjoyx3/status/1290916258746175489
She is an amazing AU writer too hehe 😋💖 she is also on Wattpad 💖 https://twitter.com/_thatxx/status/1250496843437334529
I won’t lie to you🤧 I didn’t have the gut to read it yet 😭🤧 but for those who loves angst💖💖 https://twitter.com/_thatxx/status/1253323775195537411
For those who love angst 🤧💖 https://twitter.com/_thatxx/status/1261215000087031808
Huhuhu this one huhuhu a spicy one 😉🤭♥️ https://twitter.com/_thatxx/status/1252540190008066048
If you love angst 🤧💖 https://twitter.com/mmister_j/status/1269010824506470401
Spicy spicy one shot 🙈 you will like it hehe 🤭 https://twitter.com/mmister_j/status/1271534361188241408
🤧💖 https://twitter.com/mmister_j/status/1271918964528959488
This one is really interesting too hehe and hot somehow hehehe🤭❤️❤️ It is still ongoing 😋❤️ https://twitter.com/mmister_j/status/1267860313971425281
I wanna suggest this one too hehe 💖 it’s still ongoing 💖💖 https://twitter.com/vickiana004/status/1264235463134588929
This one too 🤧💖 for the angst lover 🤧💖 https://twitter.com/02sgulf/status/1268253896989741056
Her new MewGulf AU hehe💖 https://twitter.com/02sgulf/status/1286710342437834752
I found this one by Chance too 🤭💖 too bad I only found it today 🤧💖 it’s A TharnType AU read it you won’t regret it 😋 it’s hot 🥵 aSksksksksks https://twitter.com/svtrandomtrash/status/1236476956805197824
Oh this short one is too cute too😭💞 https://twitter.com/klovesbl/status/1289689322199724032
This one too is so cute cute 💞🥺 https://twitter.com/gulf_mewl/status/1290395084949684226
I got a recommendation too so I’m gonna share with you 💞💞 it’s still ongoing 💞 https://twitter.com/moonlight8920/status/1278825282506539008
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