The SC judgement in #PrashantBhushan case has excellently parsed the difference between criticism of a judge as an individual (for which no contempt but private civil route exists) and the criticism in judicial capacity (for which contempt can and has been invoked). 1/3
So unlike anarchists claim, the SC has held that it is NOT holding #PrashantBhushan in contempt for bike comment (comment against CJI as in individual) but for patently FALSE statement against CJI (as judge) that SC is in lock-down when court is hearing thousands of cases. 2/3
Regards second tweet of #PrashantBhushan that SC has played a role in destroying democracy in last 6 years and last 4 CJIs had a special role - it is clearly not an attack on a judge or individual frailty but on the very SC institution itself. Classic case of contempt. 3/3
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