To all of those that got a bit irritated when I decided to blame the education system for what’s going on in the present time...

My sincerest Told Ya So’s.

And yes. We are going to dissect all 25 pages....
For a little’s the 13 guiding principles of Black Lives Matter. ( 13... this list is Illunutty)

Oh and make sure you remember who kept repeating “It takes a village” during her campaign....

Oh and one more thing.
The NAT having multiple meanings
National... Natatorium... and hit up the Acronyms (Reverse Acronyms)

Nuclear Family
Twin Brother

NAT = Gift From God

Natatorium is under clones/cloning
(We will cover all of that as well)
As for now....

Education system and the Teachers Union..

Please Stand By..
Well well well.... looks like we caught what Q was getting at when they would drop these
“OR SOMETHING ELSE” in along with the posts.
Think it’s time to go back to the original tweet and find those so called “teachers” that were all shitty about ....
You all fall under the same rules being part of the same Union.

It’s funny that this would happen in California... think we should go back to 2000...
When we talked about 9/11 and brought up Building #7. Who did Larry Silverstein buy the mortgage from in October 2000 on World Trade Center #7?

The Pensions of the California Teachers.

The biggest bank in the US wasn’t any Central Bank... it was the Department of Education..
And yes we have all the details on Silverstein’s “Bridge Loans” for signing a lease on WTC 4 & 5 as well. If he’s not at GITMO now... then he’s worm food.
Seriously.... letting them choose their genders as early as the age of 2!?!?!?

Boy. Girl. Both. Neither. Or SOMETHING ELSE.

Who’s doing the MKULTRA lite in the classrooms to completely ruin the childhood of these kids??!?!

😡😡. 25 pages almost ready
Here’s an article found about it as well.... enjoy.
Not gonna lie. If this dont make ya laugh loud a bit... dunno what will.

Hilarity ensues.

Oh boy. At about the 8:00 mark on.... looks like AG Barr had something to say as well.

Is it becoming mathematically impossible for all of this to be just a coincidence for us?

Oh and for those scoring at home.... that’s another mentioning of
“Tit for Tat”. Its laid out in Chapter 8 in our book mentioned way early on.

Global game of RISK

It’s almost Backstabbing time!
Here we gooooo.
There would be “educators” with broken legs if that was my daughter.
Here come the Unions.... been on both sides of the fence on this.... I’m out.
It’s picture time...let’s see how happy those students are in picture 1.

Looks like Charlottesville all over again eh my Republican Radical Racists? 🙄🙄🙄. It’s about time to pin the R word on the real group and get rid of em.

The group is beyond toxic.
And... for the moment we have all been waiting for.

The BLM Q&A section.

Had to chime in on a few but please answer ones that you would like! The feedback would help others that actually believe this Satanic Hate Group.
This gets a bit out of hand when you see their answers...
And finally....the end.

So please ones who decided to bumble with the bee earlier on when the Education system was called out days ago on here...

Let’s hear your rebuttal to this

The Ford Foundation and Soros both fund this. Wanna know someone who actually worked for the Ford Foundation back in 1981-1982?
Oh you bet your sweet ass it was Barry the Fairy’s Momma herself.

Oh and she was working in Pakistan for the Ford Foundation this time

Let’s just call it what it is.

A CIA shell company that dealt with drugs, guns, money, child trafficking.

Like mother. Like son.
We said we weren’t screwing around this time. We meant it. Merkel’s sister just loved the Agency so much. They all did. Once an agent....always an agent.
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