why the hell do yall stan these politicians? They are not pop stars nor are they actors/actresses! They are ppl who quite literally have the power to impact your lives( and others) on a daily basis. We all should be increasingly hyper-critical of them & their politics
whats even more creepy how Americans are always accusing non-Americans of having a cult of personality but quite literally, Im watching celebs shutting down any legitimate critique of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. This blind loyalty to politicians IS weird.
The fact that the elites are just expecting for ppl to fall in line w/out question should push everyone to question what exactly do any of these politicians stand for.
Furthermore, why the hell do yall not read abt any of these politician. Information is readily available.
This thread is inspired by Ava DuVernay and her very loud dismissal of any legitimate criticism towards Kamala Harris. If this was any other country, we'd be talking abt how celebrities are siding w/ authoritarian politicians and becoming outlets of political propaganda.
Its all very strange how a director who's most prized and famed work is abt the American carcaral system and the way its impacted Black and Brown communities is SOOOOOOO quick to shut down any legit concerns/criticisms abt Kamala Harris and Joe Biden.
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