So @pbhushan1 ..Who Helped RSS Led IAC To Topple UPA & Late Sheila Dixit Ji..Is Now Getting The Same Medicine From The Fascists..Which Bhushan And IAC Helped To Capture India And Destroy Democracy And Whatever Independence SC & Other Institutions Had. How Do I Feel Sorry 4r Him?
But Supreme Court Of India Has Given Completely Hindutva Judgements Since Last Few Yrs..Last 2 Yrs Have Been Horrible..The Babri Masjid Injustice Is The Biggest Example..And Now Jail For @pbhushan1 For A Tweet Against @narendramodi+ @amitshah Govt? INDIA IS NOT A DEMOCRACY NOW!
Its Not About #PrashantBhushan Anymore..There Is Whole List.. #SharjeelImam #Sharjeelusmani #Varavararao..And Many More..Tomorrow It Can Be Me Also For This Thread Against Modi+Shah..So Maj Has To Think B4r 2024..With Whom They Stand..Tomorrow Will Be A Farce Of Freedom Day!😔👎
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