Thread on Liberals hypocrisy on SC Judgement

Swati Chaturvedi Vs Swati Chaturvedi

Nikhil Waghle Vs Nikhil Waghle

Rajdeep Sardesai Vs Rajdeep Sardesai

And few more champion tweets on contempt of court.

These liberals always raised voice for punishment against contempt of court.

Now, on #prashantbhushan issue, why are they crying against Supreme Court?
Hey @SitaramYechury

Hopefully, you will be happy on SC judgement on Contempt of Court by #PrashantBhushan !
Liberal Meltdown: Contempt Edition

#PrashantBhushan #ContemptOfCourt #SupremeCourt
Siddharth Vardrajan Vs Siddharth Vardrajan

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