See the third pic - cows stuffed into a small car. This is how cattle is taken for slaughter at night after being stolen from farmers/picked up from streets.
Now let me tell you how such thieves later go scot-free in most cases. (Media often passes them off as ‘dairy farmers’)
One look inside the vehicle, and both police and animal activists know that cattle is being taken for slaughter. Relevant case under anti cow-slaughter act is filed.
But during court trial, police struggle to prove the intent of slaughter even though it looks obvious
If police recover slaughter tools from inside the vehicle, they produce them in court as evidence. But it’s weak.
See Haryana DGP’s affidavit to court on prime reasons why Haryana saw zero conviction (!) in 5 years:
Also, police usually find tools in trucks and not in such small cars. Do you know that when thieves take cattle in trucks at night, it is common for them to slaughter the animals in vehicle itself?This is why villagers often find severed head of cow on roads and stage protests.
This is why UP recently amended its cow-slaughter law to define punishment for cases in which ‘cattle is physically injured, or is transported in a manner that risks their lives or mutilates them’.
However, states routinely make amendments but such laws remain weak.
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