I'm not surprised by the discourse about the Democratic ticket, and I think a lot of the criticism (that is, the criticism NOT steeped in misogynoir) is valid. But seeing people say that there's no difference between the D and R ticket scares me. Lives are on the line.
I'm not sure I will survive another four years. I'm afraid that many other people I know won't survive another four years. Trump wants to defund Social Security that keeps many disabled people, seniors, and low-income folks alive.
He is trying to destroy the USPS to influence the election, an extreme right-wing voter suppression tactic. Beyond dismantling voting rights, MANY people get their medications through the USPS and this could literally cost lives.
He refuses to believe the facts & science, & has completely mismanaged a pandemic that has killed over 150k Americans and will cause disabilities for so many others. His admin is trying to dismantle the ACA and Healthcare protections for people with preexisting conditions.
He downplays this crisis and fuels anti-mask rhetoric, putting essential workers in harm's way. The impacts on marginalized communities, from medical racism, to poverty, to a lack of access, are severe.
These are just a few of the things that keep me up at night. And yes, some huge issues, like militarization of police and police brutality, aren't all Trump's fault, and these are things we NEED to address under a Democratic administration too.
But if I try to wait for a perfect candidate, me and many other people may not be here to vote for one, and the attempts to interfere with our elections will only get worse.
For me, an election is about choosing the best conditions under which to fight for change. For four years, we have been fighting fires, fending off attacks on the legislation that give people their civil rights and the programs that keep us alive.
I would much rather try to hold accountable an administration that believes in Healthcare access of some sort, believes in civil rights, believes in social safety nets, than one that boldly and unabashedly embraces fascism and has no interest in accountability.
As usual, this is my own opinion and does not represent any organization with whom I am affiliated. Please excuse typos.
I'm going to go ahead and mute this thread. I don't want to argue with folks, and as I said there legitimate criticisms about this ticket.

This election is about harm reduction and staying alive to fight for change...
It is also about choosing the option that keeps the most people alive. The way our elections work, unless there is a miracle of some sort, our option is one of two tickets. I respect others' right to feel differently about that.
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