Let me quickly respond to the weak, pathetic excuses being offered for the media’s refusal to cover the murder of Cannon Hinnant:
“The murderer was arrested so there’s no need to protest or make a big deal out of it.”

Are you kidding me with this? The officer in the George Floyd case was arrested and in case you didn’t notice that hasn’t done anything to stop the protests or the coverage.
“Hinnant wasn’t murdered by an agent of the State.”

Neither was Ahmaud Arbery. Neither was Trayvon Martin. Yet those are household names and they were in the headlines for weeks.
“This wasn’t racially motivated.”

You don’t know that, but assuming it’s true, George Floyd wasn’t racially motivated either. Neither was Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, or in fact any of the other high profile killings of the last several years.
“The media can’t cover every murder.”

You’re right. But this was the execution style murder of a five year old by a neighbor while he rode his bike in front of his dad’s house. It is far more heinous and shocking and therefore newsworthy than George Floyd, Rayshard Brookes, etc.
Finally, there is just no getting around the fact that if a white man walked up to his black neighbor’s five year old child and executed him in broad daylight, it would be massively huge news. You know it. I know it. We all know it. Stop playing dumb, you ridiculous clowns.
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