#OnThisDay 1990
Yes, Sachin scored his 1st test century.
Do listen to this SPECIAL Master Class discussion !
(4 Part Upload)


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#OnThisDay 1990

Talks about the gutsy stand with Manoj Prabhakar, Devon Malcom's bouncer...

(Part 2 of 4) SPECIAL Master Class discussion !

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#OnThisDay 1990

Clip 1:35 onwards ... Gavaskar's prophecy that Sachin would score 15K runs and 40 Test centuries !!

(this was shared earlier)

(Part 3 of 4)

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#OnThisDay 1990

Final part of this Special Master class discussion.

(Part 4 of 4)

Thank you Sachin 🙏
Thank you #SunilGavaskar for this chat !

(this was televised in 1995-96 #VHSArchives)

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