I put the pieces to something that is pretty massive involving YouTube and Google, and their recent policy regarding "Hacked Information" and it's ability to impact an election.

Its pretty fucked, but ill describe it the best way I can. Pls RT.
For Starters, YouTube has instituted a new policy on information that they determine will impact elections (mainly the upcoming 2020 U.S Election). The problem is that the wording is just gauge enough that it gives the site plausible deniability to purge inconvenient truths.
Why is this a problem? Well Google (the company who owns YouTube) had executives on tape years ago lamenting the victory of Donald Trump, and vowing to not let that happen again. Bias sentiment, alongside a vague policy months before the vote are a MASSIVE red flag.
Youtube's top brass has made it no secret what her political leanings are, and I think it is in the best interests of the American people, that they be made aware of both this, and the statements recorded from executives later on in this thread.
Before I do, I must highlight how the recent policy can be abused. Due to how the initial Google tapes made their way to the public several years ago, Google And YouTube can simply label it as "Hacked information" and ban it, giving them plausible deniability for their bias.
Something similar was attempted in the 2016 election by mainstream media outlets regarding WikiLeaks, where pundits and Social Media heads lied to the american public about the legality of READING the posted material, in an effort to dissuade the public from learning the truth-
About certain connections in the Democratic National Comittie, their plans to screw over Bernie Sanders, and inconvenient truths regarding the Dem Candidate at the time, Hillay Clinton.

This policy and its sudden creation are an eerily similar response to this scenario.
It should be noted that had the situation been reversed, I would be just as adamant on brining this to peoples attention. The idea of arbitrarily purging information that could potentially sway the public in order to protect a certain side is unthinkable, an inexcusable.
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