How in the fuck do you write an article like this and not explicitly name who is doing the threatening? Or act like this is some kind of new thing, as if SO MANY OF US HAVE NOT BEEN LIVING THESE THREATS FOR YEARS?

Sorry but fuck right off if you're discovering this now.
I have so many examples of women in politics being threatened out of their jobs. And activists, of course. And others who have lost their jobs or contracts. Oh and, you know, me, who has literally only been interviewed once about this (thanks @titocurtis)...
Let alone be asked to use my expertise as someone who watches this closely and experiences this weekly to dive into this phenomenon. It's because Liberals love the victimhood, hate the solutions. I am so over this bullshit.
I also write about what the feminist movement should be doing to assume fascist violence as one of it's main targets in my forthcoming book.
And, if you're still reading this thread, here was my brief to the HOC committee on right-wing hate, which I really should have been asked to appear in front of but you know! NDP! A staffer did ask me to put this together the day before the deadline
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